Legislative Reception February 7, 2018 Event Recap

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Legislative Meet & Greet Reception
February 7, 2018

On February 7th state legislators, their staff members and area advertising professionals gathered at Billy’s Restaurant in Lincoln, Nebraska to discuss the impact of advertising in Nebraska.

AAF Omaha and AAF Lincoln leaders and members shared with our state representatives information about the value advertising brings to Nebraska’s economy.

The event met AAF Omaha and AAF Lincoln expectations, welcoming Nebraska lawmakers and AAF members. The reception consisted of a brief presentation from Ryan Horn, AAF Omaha Legislative Issues Team Member, and an update from Andy Ruback, CEO of Flood Communications. Handouts from AAF Omaha were presented to each Senator and legislative staff members detailing the economic impact of advertising in the state of Nebraska.

Information shared at this event:

Advertising Generates Sales & Jobs In Nebraska

15.2%   $33.1 B
Advertising helps generate $33.1 billion or 15.2% of economic activity in Nebraska

10.7%   111,999 Jobs
Advertising helps produce 111,999 or 10.7% of all jobs in Nebraska

Every million dollars spent on advertising in Nebraska supports 63 jobs across industries throughout the state. Every direct advertising job also supports 44 other jobs across all industries. Each form of advertising, from print media and radio and television to the Internet, helps businesses efficiently communicate the benefits of their products and services to target audiences.

In Nebraska the ad industry is a vibrant community of creative professionals including broadcasters, copywriters, commercial photographers, video production, commercial artists, graphic designers and commercial printers.

  • Advertising means jobs – stimulates the economy and provides high-paying jobs in a creative environment.
  • Advertising provides consumers with valuable information about products and services, including price information.
  • Advertising is a springboard for new products and services – it encourages innovation. After all, once you’ve built the better mousetrap, you need to be able to tell consumers about it.
  • Advertising eases entry of new businesses into the marketplace. It fosters competition and reduces the price of products – a fact confirmed by a Federal Trade Commission Study.
  • Advertising funds our favorite entertainment media, news and sports.

AAF Omaha 
Government Relations Team Members

Nicole Schmoll, Chairperson
Ink Harmony

Dave Webster
CEO, Webster Design Associates, Inc.

Ryan Horn
VP of Media Strategy, Sandler-Innocenzi

Kim Mickelson
CEO, Bozell

Penny Hatchell
President, Envoy, Inc.

Cheri Duryea
President, Duryea Strategic Marketing

Michael Johnson, AAF District 9 Governor
Creative Director, Bailey Lauerman


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