Membership Minute

As we start moving out of virtual everything and into more “normacy” like in-person events and meeting people for lunch, insights have been gained from the new virtual world. One of those insights is the power of online tools. One of those tools is the Membership portal on the AAF Omaha website. You may not know this but there is in fact a members only page. Our goal in these next coming months is to start utilizing this portal to house important information like calendars, event registration, membership perks and the member directory page. If you haven’t done so already we encourage you to check it out by clicking this link AAF Omaha.

Please create a login if you are a member. If you need assistance getting to your membership profile to make updates please contact the AAF Omaha office at 402.401.4273 for a new password to be sent to you.
Also, if you have any suggestions about improving this page we would love to hear from you.



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