Public Service Committee Update: April 2015

Thank you to our committee members! A big shout out to the awesome team working hard to create the new website for this year’s Public Service recipient, Heartland Hope Mission!

Teresa Lauver, C & A Industries, Inc.
Scott Rowe, Storage.com
Kyle Giwoyna, Advance Services, Inc.
Todd Eby, Eby Creative
Kim Erickson, Amplified Image Marketing

As we continue our work with Heartland Hope Mission, we’re already starting to get ready to start work for next year’s recipient. If you know of a deserving not-for-profit company that might benefit from the work done by AAF Omaha’s Public Service Committee, please visit the AAF Omaha site public service page for more information.

Thank you! Your Public Service Co-Chairs, Bob Mancuso and Angel Carl



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