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Noah Larsen Creighton Student 2018 photo

Noah Larsen
Creighton University Student
AAF Omaha Student Member &
2018 Scholarship Winner
Bozell Summer Intern

And all of a sudden, I began to see the appeal of Neverland.

I remember speaking at my high school graduation, ensuring my peers that everything was going to be alright. While I maintain the sentiment that life finds a way of working things out, going to college and preparing for the working world revealed to me that things may not be as easy as a younger me expected. Perhaps growing up isn’t all that it’s made out to be, after all.

Nonetheless, the past few years have seen me take on my undergraduate studies at Creighton University. As I write this, I’m about to begin my final year at Creighton, studying the advertising track of the journalism major. Through Creighton’s Department of Journalism, Media and Computers, I’ve had the opportunity to meet some brilliant and talented students with similar aspirations and take classes taught by wonderful professors and faculty. It was through the Department of JM&C that I was able to connect with AAF Omaha and get to a place where I’m writing the student spotlight that you have in front of you.

If you’re active in Omaha’s advertising community, there’s a decent chance that you’ve seen me around at some point or another. I was a participant in the 2017 Oath: Advertising Knockout (fun fact: I was in the same group as Abbie Perry who also recently wrote a student profile); I attended this year’s Meet the Pros and took the chance to meet more pros as a volunteer at the ON Brand Conference; and over the summer, I have taken on the position of Bozell’s media intern. Though outside of advertising endeavors, you can probably find me playing music (preferably with friends) or rummaging through the DVD bargain bin of your local Walmart. 

As I look towards finishing college and beyond, I’ve come to realize that things probably won’t get much easier from here on out. However, I have been graced with multiple opportunities and benefits as of late, and for that, I am truly grateful. I’m thankful to be Bozell’s friendly neighborhood media intern this summer; I appreciate AAF Omaha’s continued efforts to host events where I can network and learn from others; and I’m beyond humbled to have received an AAF Omaha academic scholarship in the past year. 

All and all, even though a trip to Neverland may be tempting, I’m excited to keep moving forward and capitalize on the opportunities I’ve been given.


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