WoodmenLife Changing Iconic Lettering at the Top of the Tower

 WoodmenLife new lettering on building 2020 sized down

WoodmenLife is changing the Omaha skyline this summer, and we’re inviting the media and residents to follow along. Over the next 10 weeks, we’re swapping out the iconic lettering the tower has had for 51 years, so it will say WoodmenLife.

This multimillion dollar project started June 8 and will take place in stages, as Omaha Neon Sign Co. Inc. removes existing lettering in pieces, cleans and patches the marble, and installs new brackets, electrical wiring and the letters. The metal letters — which will appear black during the day and white at night — will be smaller to make room for more of them, but they’ll also be visible from farther away, thanks to the new LED system that shines light through tiny holes in the film on the letters. An electrical grid is being installed to light all four sides, which will enhance the tower lightings WoodmenLife is known for.

“The WoodmenLife Tower is a fixture of downtown and stands tall in countless photographs that capture life in Omaha,” said President & CEO Patrick L. Dees. “These new letters will reinforce who we are and what we do, as well as our commitment to a beautiful downtown.”

Installers will work nearly 500 feet up, likely through August, to change the city’s view. At stages, WoodmenLife will share time-lapse video from locations above and below, drone footage, and other media materials of the ongoing work in the WoodmenLife Media Center at Newsroom.WoodmenLife.org.

Work was planned to give the falcons time to hatch their four eggs and let the birds learn how to hunt and eventually fledge. More tower lighting requests are welcome through the months-long project. Requesting one is easy – just visit our Tower Lighting Partnership website to learn more and get started.

Fast Facts

  • In 2019, WoodmenLife celebrated the Tower’s 50 anniversary with a block party and fundraiser
  • The tower is 30 stories tall – that’s 478 feet above the city streets – and ushered in a downtown resurgence with its opening.
  • 48 high-powered floodlights in 164 banks with 17,056 LED bulbs light the exterior to shine a light on organizations and causes that benefit the community, support patriotism and bolster better health, just like the Empire State Building. The computer-driven energy-efficient system, installed in 2014, can display 16 million colors and graphics.
  • On a clear night, visitors traveling to Omaha by air can see the lighted tower from more than 78 miles away.

About WoodmenLife

WoodmenLife was founded in 1890 as a not-for-profit. The organization gives back to its members across the country, who join together in a shared commitment to family, community and country. With a legacy of financial stability, WoodmenLife offers quality life insurance and retirement products. A person becomes a member when they purchase a WoodmenLife product. To learn more about the organization and the extras members have access to, visit WoodmenLife.org.


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