You Scratch Our Backs – We’ll Scratch Yours!

Jill Regester

Submitted by Jill Regester, Membership Committee Co-Chair

Send an email to Teri Hamburger, AAFO Executive Director, at teri@novia.net with the name of a prospective AAF member, and not only will you receive one of the dual function back-scratcher shoehorns pictured above, your name will be entered into a drawing for a $100 VISA® gift card!

I mean think about how many times you’ve bent down, struggling to put on your shoes, and the tag on your shirt produces that annoying tickle itch you cannot reach. #firstworldproblems

A big THANK YOU shout-out to the members of the AAFO Board for all of your efforts toward the Adopt-A-Past Member campaign.

Don’t forgot, we need 250 members to remain as a Division II AAF chapter. Currently we stand at 180 professional members. We cannot rely on just the AAFO Board to help our club reach the 250 member goal – we need every one of you to help meet this goal!

Who might be a good person to recommend a membership to? Anyone who is responsible for or works in or with the marketing, advertising, communications and public relations industries.

One last note, don’t forget… all visitors to luncheons will be entered into a drawing for a door prize. So invite, invite, invite….



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