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You'll find positions available with some of the most dynamic companies in Omaha and the surrounding area. Information about who to contact for further information on each opportunity will be listed at the end of the job description. If you need additional assistance, feel free to call the AAF Omaha office at (402) 401-4273 and we'll do our best to get you to the right people. Good Luck!

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AAF Omaha offers our job posting service at no charge to current members. Non-members may also post available jobs for a monthly fee of $100. If you're currently a member and want to post a position, e-mail your posting to AAF Omaha executive director Teri Hamburger at aafomaha.teri@gmail.com. We'll get the position posted as soon as possible. If you're not a currently a member and want to post a job to this site, simply call Teri at (402) 401-4273. She'll fax or e-mail the form you need to send in with your payment. Payment must be received prior to posting.

Job Listings

Video News Photographer

Hearst Television - March 26, 2024

News Video Photographer (Part-time)

KETV - March 21, 2024

Sales Account Associate

Hearst Television - March 15, 2024

Project Manager

Turnpost Creative Group - March 7, 2024

Graphic Designer

Turnpost Creative Group - March 7, 2024

Creative Services Video Producer

KOLN - March 5, 2024

News Video Photographer

KETV - March 1, 2024

Sports Director

KNOP - February 26, 2024

Sales – Multimedia Marketing Executive

KOLN/KSNB - February 14, 2024



AAF Omaha offers our resume posting service to AAF Omaha members and AAF Omaha student members at no charge. AAF Omaha is currently waiving our non-member resume posting fee of $25. If you want to post your resume to our site, e-mail us at aafomaha.teri@gmail.com with your resume. We'll get your resume posted as soon as possible.

Hayden Hanneman - Summer Internship Opportunities

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Jeffrey Maciejewski - Marketing, Advertising, Branding | Seeking Creative Communications Position

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Don Rashid - Communications | Marketing | Project and Event Manager

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Marissa Jackson - Advertising & Public Relations

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Layton Swenson - Digital Sales Manager

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Brittany Ruzicka - Web and Graphic Designer

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Sophia Gilsdorf - Designer

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Olivia Washburn - Marketing, Communications, Multimedia, Public Relations

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Gabrielle Dammkoehler - Creative, Graphic Design, Marketing, PR Writer

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Ryan Faden - Graphic Designer

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Nico Sepahpur - Graphic Designer

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Alyna Chadwich - Graphic Design/UI Design/Print Design

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Jessica Bishop - Designer

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Meera Patel - Web Design, UI/UX Design

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Arthur Egan - Project/Account Executive/Social Media

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Amy Nieman - Marketing and Communications

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Talent Directory

The hiring gap in marketing and advertising has been well documented over the years. In order to address this, the American Advertising Federation Omaha wants to create a talent directory focused on minority creatives and marketers. We believe this tool will increase the referral and hiring pools for various companies who hire an incredible amount of full-time personnel and freelancers locally.

However, we will need your help to make this a reality. If you are looking for full-time, part-time or contract work and would like your contact information in the hands of advertising agencies, design studios or marketing departments please complete the form below.

If you have questions regarding this form, or if you would like access to this directory, please contact the AAF Omaha office at (402) 404-4273.

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